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Appliance Business Rescue

Who we are...

    Appliance Business Rescue, has over 35+ years experiece in the appliance repair industry, from working with actual appliance factory service corporations, in service and management, to owning our own appliance repair companies, to owning a technician training company that trained appliance repair technicians from all over the world.

    Our Main Goal, has always been customer satisfaction, and with that, you eliminate the need for advertising, increase your profits dramatically, have a constant increase in repeat customer business, and grow the business tremendously each and every day!

    We learned from the old way of doing appliance repair, and it was not as customer oriented, as we believed and were brought up to believe it should be, so we went against the grain, of what everyone else had been doing, and following each other's leads, and set out on the path of making the customer the focal point of appliance repair. This was the way it was way back, in the old days, when customers were treated as we would want to be treated ourselves, and somewhere along the line, and years, this has all changed, for the worse. Now it is not uncommon to hear people talking about hwo bad customer service is, for just about every company you interact with. Well, right there is the key, and we focus heavily on bringing back the old way of doing things, so the main objective is customer satisfaction, not the "it's my way or the highway" adage of today!

    We are all customers, and even so, we tend to forget in all the rush rush of our daily work routine, that we need to always treat the customer as we would like to be treated, but most businesses do not even come close to doing that anymore! When you go back to that as your focal point, then things start becoming much more clear, as to how profits can go up almost exponentially, at the same time!

    We have hundreds of ways to bring in higher profits, and not rip off the customer, by simply putting the customer as your #1 Priority, as if you were doing service for yourself, and remembering how inconvenienced they are to have an appliance that is not working, which is why they called you, to get it fixed as quickly and reasonably, as humnaly possible!

    This is the key to increasing your profits dramatically, and not ripping the customer off!

    Of course it is a broad view, without a complete individual breakdown of actual actions to get there, but that is what we will teach you, under the most important fact of all, that the customer is most important, to making more profits!

    Our method has been proven over and over again, all over the USA, as well as with technicians and companies in other countries!

    We have traveled all over the USA to different service companies, and brought their profits up tremendously, as well as the technician sell rates, to levels they never thought possible.

    We can do the same for you, if you have an open mind, and are ready to make more profits, and work less for them!

    To learn how, Simply:

  • Choose the Appliance Business Rescue option you desire, here, and contact us for an appointment
  • Supply us with your all your company info
  • We will Contact you asap, within 24 hours, to help you address the problem areas to increase your profits
  • We will work directly with you, in person, to identify the problem areas
  • We will travel to your place of business, to make it easier to talk to and see all involved

Appliance Business Rescue assistance can takes considerable time to do, as you can expect, but it is all inclusive, in the package you choose. We will provide you with this great resource, that saves you considerable amounts of time and profits, with the same old ways of running things, that every other business follows and struggles to make considerable profits, when there are just a few key points that can change all that forever!

This professional appliance business rescue assistance has been proven to work over 35+ years, and has been implemented in many appliance repair businesses all over the USA, and also the world!

We will supply you with the Experienced, Trusted & Proper information, unlike most information you search and find, and are not sure if it will work or not. We have over 35 years of experience in theAppliance Repair field, so we are extremely knowlegeable, proficient and confident in helping you identify the proper issues with your company and technicians, so you can get the right recipe to increase your profits dramatically.

Don't hesitate, to contact us Today!

You know that you have spent hours and hours, trying to come up with solutions, and surprisingly, you will find they are right in front of you, and you never even considered them, or had the wrong information about them, to trust implementing them. We will get rid of all that cloudiness, and get right down to the facts of what works and does not work, and why, from the service company aspect, as well as from the customer vantage point!

Contact Appliance Business Rescue, Now!

Contact Email Address: Rtnoww@aol.com

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